Fourteen Japanese brands to visit New York City.
During Fall Winter 2017’s women’s wholesale market, the mahna mahna showroom family will be expanding! mahna mahna new york was selected by the Tokyo Fashion Week Organization to head a special consulting collaboration over the course of  February 2017 called Tokyo Eye. The collaboration will bring with it 14 women’s apparel and accessory brands from Japan to assist in their debut into the US market.

Dressedundressed is a modern designer duo who focus on deconstructed design and unique construction. Conceptually the brand fuses opposing elements of modern and minimal tailoring combined with a more free-spirited street fashion vibe. The brand was founded in 2009 and has been nominated by Italian Vogue for several awards and received DHL design Award in 2013.


Somarta is an established body wear collection based in Japan. A favorite of many well know celebrities such as Lady Gaga, Rihanna etc. Its main focus is a body wear collection called ‘kin’. The concept explores possibilities of apparel fitted closely to the body. The Skin series is a line of high quality body wear based on the concept of “Second Skin”. Precisely fitted and calibrated to the body with seamless production methods. The high density, durable fabric creates elegant, tattoo-like minute patterns with a sense of liberated, body form beauty. The brand has been involved in many custom projects for artists, musicians and creative groups over the past few years.


SHIGA focusses on creating ready to wear designs that are infused with nature oriented themes. Using the female form as a main source of inspiration, SHIGA leans toward an untamed type of elegance. Everything starts with nature and its inherent independence and wildness. From the waves of the oceans to the shape of a flower petal, naturally occurring shapes influence the silhouettes of every piece the brand designs. SHIGA has won a plethora of prestigious fashion awards over the past few years and has a strong following in Japan.


Chika Kisada was established in 2014. The brand aims to contrast     concepts into a modern package. In particular, the idea of opposites     merging things like the elegance of ballet with the wild energy of punk. This theme is the key ingredient of the line which also loves to focus on the transient nature of beauty and its translation onto the human form. Chika Kisada is targeted at inner city women with active lifestyles requiring a newer type of quality and aesthetic that represents contrasts in personality while maintaining functionality. The designer has a background in ballet and a strong interest in multiple music genres, which gives the brand its firm conceptual grounding.


Motohiro Tanji is an experimental knitwear label that creates unique textures through knit fabrics using both handmade methods and knitting machines. The designer concentrates on creating well balanced designs from accessories to a full selection of coordinates – of course all knitted to perfection. The designer graduated from Keio and Nottingham Trent University with an MA in Knitwear Design. The brand was established in 2013.


Uemulo Munenoli was launched in 2012 as an exclusive shirting line. A combination of stark minimalism and distinctive geometry, the brand’s essence is style through reaction to detail. Simple, dynamic, unisex and high quality, the brand is known for stylish, utilitarian     simplicity. The designer studied in Milan and worked at CoSTUME NATIONAL, 0044 Paris and Jil Sander by Raf Simons. After living and working in Europe, he returned to Japan in 2010 to launch Uemulo Munenoli in 2011. That same year he won the Tokyo New Fashion Grand Prix prize and an Opening Ceremony Award. He has also  worked with cosmetic brand Shu Uemura on their staff uniform design.


Roggykei is a brand interested in keeping concept to a minimum. A true minimalist brand in that sense. With more focus put on creating         designs that are not defined by a fixed concept season to season, the designer, Hitoshi Korogi, studied pattern making at Osaka Fashion Design Academy, graduating in 2004. After developing a strong eye for construction, the brand has been  operating with a notable leaning toward seasonless form and structure since 2006.


GAUFRAIT is a line that presents clothing and textiles created with an incredible and technical attention to detail. Once designed and sewn, each piece goes through a unique forming press with graphic reliefs transferred in three dimensions onto each design. The concept is simply to create clothing without constraints to be worn regardless of age, sex or body type. A democratization of sorts. Colors and patterns are customized freely to create a free and unique atmosphere for all. Fabrics are light and compact, making them perfect for travel but also many other occasions. The designer started out at MIYAKE DESIGN STUDIO and ISSEY MIYAKE INC. from 1999 to 2004. He went on to launch his own fashion label “Molfic” in 2006 and then launched GAUFRAIT in 2016.


Princess Hiromi offers modern clothing for progressive, independent women. The mission of the brand is to dress women in executive roles, moving seamlessly from business to social settings around the globe. Not surprising considering the designer started out working as a lawyer on Wall street in NY. Key features are streamlined dresses, blouses, suits and coats. The collection is made with high quality Italian and Japanese wool, cashmere, linen, cotton, silk and high-tech textiles. Infused with unique draping techniques and elongated flattering shapes, the brand is made in NY and sold at many high end Japanese boutiques and department stores. After acting as a senior executive for Liz Claiborne NY for over 10 years, the designer gained a strong insight into textiles, draping and design from industry experts in NY and Tokyo. The brand was established in 2011 in Tokyo


RIEKA INOUE GNU is best described as a seamless blend of cool, vintage, glamour. The dresses are designed to speak for themselves and appeal to a more classic, retro sensibility. The designer graduated from Bunka Fashion College in Tokyo and went on to work with Yoji Yamamoto as an Assistant Pattern maker. RIEKA INOUE GNU was launched in 2014 and has become quite popular in Japan.


KICS DOCUMENT. fabrics, buttons, pattern-making, sewing and finishing are the signature elements of the brand. Using the highest quality techniques and refined Japanese craftsmanship, the anchoring concept of KICS DOCUMENT. is to provide a platform for designer Kanako Takeishi to express her vision to future generations by disseminating her design and philosophy – not only in Japan, but also globally. A key design feature is the ergonomic designs with 3D pattern making, all executed exclusively in Japan. The designer graduated Nihon University College of Art and also studied men’s tailoring at F.I.T. N.Y. After returning to Japan, she gained a great deal of experience as a menswear designer and a creative director at several renowned companies, launching KICS DOCUMENT in 2012.


MIDDLA is becoming the standard in classic design peppered with references to music, mathematics and poetry. For FW17 the designer, Ohal Ando, is presenting a collection titled ‘One Tokyo Usual’, which illustrates a multi-faceted layering of the aforementioned elements. Born in Tokyo, the designer graduated from Waseda University in ’99 and started his career as a part of rock band  ‘Doppleganger’. In 2005 he started a unisex brand which then led to his focus on the current women’s collection – MIDDLA. The brand has been producing collections since 2016 and continues to push the envelope in modern Japanese design.


IN-PROCESS is built on a playfully expressive aesthetic, with a sense of nostalgia expressed in everything they design. This is most prominent in their eccentric prints and textiles, featuring unique illustrations, collage and color pallets. The brand is the brainchild of Central Saint Martin’s graduates Steven Hall and Yurika Ohara, who are known printed textile design. Based in Tokyo since 2009 the brand has won a series of awards, including LFW NEWGEN, DHL Designer Award and Tokyo New Designer Fashion Grand Prix Award.

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